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Space Invader Returns Home

“Space Invader Returns Home,” brings the classic video game antagonist off the screen to give viewers a glimpse of one invader’s life after returning home from the war. He still carries his injuries (burnt out pixels), and unable to work he cant afford to replace is broken parts. He still chants the invasion march, haunted by the memories of battle.


Prototype Success

The LED space invader prototype worked, with only 9 LED burning out. I must have crossed a wire while testing power supplies… Although the original plan was to use 12 volts, I’ve found 6 works best. I’ll post video and new images soon. 

Glowing Invader

Glowing Invader

In the mean time the prototype has given me an idea for a series of invaders. These will use fewer LEDs, less power and eliminate the proto board so that the LEDs and wiring are visible. Visible Invaders, if you will. In preparing for this next series I’ve done a few animation tests to see how a collection of new characters will look.


A little press

The Vintage Gaming Exhibit I co-curated with Nick Montfort for the Boston Cyberarts Festival got a nice little write up by Maddy Myers in The Boston Phoenix blog.

Vintage Gaming Exhibit: 8-bit Is Back at CyberArts

“I consider myself a casual gamer,” Andrew Y. Ames tells me as he guides me around his Vintage Gaming exhibit at 1305 Boylston, an old gas station turned gallery-for-rent. The exhibit, which is a part of the Boston Cyberarts Festival, involves several retro televisions, Ataris, a Wii, and a projection screen. The video-games displayed seem casual compared to plot-intense, graphics-heavy modern games, but these decades-old titles hold considerable interest for gamers who crave a vintage experience. Also, anyone who’s tried to beat a high score on a stand-up in an arcade knows that the classics are not as innocuous as they appear.

Some of the games available for play are relics from the 80s, and others are completely new Atari titles created by independent developers. Turns out you can recycle the cartridges and re-write your own code on them. The developers doing so are committed to mimicking the attitude of 80s originals, right down to the soundtrack stylings. Ames also showed me Bit.Trip Beat, an indie-developed Pong-inspired rhythm game for the Nintendo Wii.

I suggested that someone revamp Duck Hunt, and Ames threw back that he was working on a mod of Space Invaders that removes all of the titular invaders. He’s not sure what that’ll do to the game, but you can go play some games and talk shop with Ames about it yourself — the exhibit continues until Monday May 4th, or longer depending on whether they can hold on to the space.

Published May 01 2009, 03:15 PM by Maddy Myers

See the original post here.

Back to the space invaders project

After waiting for UPS to get my address right and to deliver the parts needed to finish the LED space invader I can finally get back to work.

In other space invaders project news I have also begun programming a space invaders mod. I plan to remove all of the invaders, creating a reflective game in which the player can contemplate what comes after war, and what is the purpose of a tank if there are no more enemies.

Old school computers remix Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody

LED space invader photo update

You have to burn the rope

I was introduced to this delightfully simple game while in denver.


If you’re on a mac or don’t want to down load it you can play it here: http://www.kongregate.com/games/Mazapan/you-have-to-burn-the-rope

I’ve posted a walk though I found on youtube to highlight the simplicity of the game, however if you only watch the video you miss out on the best part of the experience, the end credits.

IT University of Copenhagen – Ph.D application

nothing quite like sending off a college application, the feeling of relief once its been sent, then the anxiousness from having to wait for that reply stating acceptance or rejection.

Space invaders

In pursuit of keeping myself busy and making new work I’ve started an LED space invader. It is little more than a nostalgia piece but something that will help keep me in the practice of designing electronics.

space invader LED layout and schematic

space invader LED layout and schematic

It will be little more than sculpture that brings a classic Atari Space Invader off the screen, an LED animation of sorts. Its a break from looking at games critically and a chance to use an old favorite as fodder to simply make something that looks cool.