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Space Invader Returns Home

“Space Invader Returns Home,” brings the classic video game antagonist off the screen to give viewers a glimpse of one invader’s life after returning home from the war. He still carries his injuries (burnt out pixels), and unable to work he cant afford to replace is broken parts. He still chants the invasion march, haunted […]

Prototype Success

The LED space invader prototype worked, with only 9 LED burning out. I must have crossed a wire while testing power supplies… Although the original plan was to use 12 volts, I’ve found 6 works best. I’ll post video and new images soon.  In the mean time the prototype has given me an idea for a series […]

Back to the space invaders project

After waiting for UPS to get my address right and to deliver the parts needed to finish the LED space invader I can finally get back to work. In other space invaders project news I have also begun programming a space invaders mod. I plan to remove all of the invaders, creating a reflective game […]

LED space invader photo update

Space invaders

In pursuit of keeping myself busy and making new work I’ve started an LED space invader. It is little more than a nostalgia piece but something that will help keep me in the practice of designing electronics. It will be little more than sculpture that brings a classic Atari Space Invader off the screen, an […]